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Natural options for help with ADHD or ADD are often searched for to complement the things people are already doing. I discovered dihydrocodeine doTERRA Essential Oils when I was searching for natural solutions to recommend to my clients who have Attention Deficit Disorder and want to actively manage it.

Terra is is committed to producing certified pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils. Many people report an increase in focus and a decrease mood swings and anxiety. So if this is a challenge for you it is worth exploring essential oils.

Suggested doTERRA oils to support management of ADHD symptoms


Application Techniques

Diffuse for soothing and calming; it is especially effective if used before bedtime to induce a restful sleep.

Apply topically with light massage to feet or temples for stress relief and to increase a sense of well-being.

Apply topically to feet at bedtime to calm and aid in restful sleep.

Also apply to the neck and lymph nodes if needed to reduce anxiety, if blood pressure is high, or if there is tension or stress.

Some might find direct application helpful for tension headaches.


Application Techniques

Balancing blends contain oils that are geared toward the central nervous system and other body systems. If there are times when you feel confused, doubtful, unsettled, or in need of a sense of well-being, a balancing blend may be an excellent option.

For children who deal with ADD, ADHD, autism or bi-polar conditions, use a balancing blend to calm and balance moods.

For those who suffer mood swings, anxiety, temper problems or doldrums, a balancing blend may help calm and balance their emotions.

Diffusion is the most effect method of enjoying a balancing blend.

Use an inhaler or cup and tissue for school, office or on the go.

Direct application with massage to the feet, neck and back can be effective.

During times of anxiety for children, consider a massage application to their feet, neck, shoulders or back.


Vetiver is a complex, woods aroma that is renowned for its balancing and grounding uses. It also has historically been acknowledged for its soothing and calming effects and stimulating effects on the nervous system. Don’t be confused. Yes, even with its calming and relaxing effects, others have found it to be mentally and physically rejuvenating. Vetiver can be both calming and rejuvenating to the body and mind.

Some parents have found it effective in treating ADD or ADHD as an alternative or addition to Ritalin and other prescription medications.

Vetiver, with its calming properties, has been known to dispel anger, hysteria and irritability. Further, even neurotic behavior stemming from stress and tension has been

Typical Applications

Apply 3-4 drops of vetiver to a child’s back or the bottom of their feet using a carrier oil
immediately following a shower and prior to bed time. With experience combine
vetiver with a balancing, uplifting, or relaxing blend to enhance the help. The
synergistic combination with a single oil such as lavender, ylang ylang or
clary sage will also be effective.

Application has also historically proven helpful through the olfactory system (inhalation). Prepare a tissue cup or inhaler to be used when anxiety or other symptoms of ADHD are

Research: Dr. Terry Friedman, M.D. did a 2 year study of children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old trying to identify essential oils useful in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. Vetiver was shown to be highly successful with 100% of the subjects over a 30 day period when the children felt “scatter brained.” Dr. Friedman used an inhalation method.

Citrus Bliss

You can diffuse or cup and inhale for enjoy the elevating or calming qualities of citrus bliss. You can also use in smoothies, drinks and dressings.

Help for ADD is best created by exploring all options to find out what works for you! Different things will work for you than will work for your neighbor- use your creativity and be open minded to all options while building a team to support you in consistently being your best self.

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