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Do You Enjoy Gardening?

In a garden, the beautiful flowers, trees, and plants will increase the feel home renovation and look of the surroundings. But all plants want different care in different seasons, and their needs are also different from each other and this is something you need to keep in mind. Be careful about them if you want to increase the beauty of a garden.

Theres a difference between outdoor and indoor plants. Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants and hanging baskets should only be watered if the soil is dry 3 inches under the surface, meaning they wont need as much water in winters as they require in the summer. To prevent plants from becoming huge, limit them to one light feeding of fertilizer a month.

Watching your houseplants for insects is important. There may be yellowing or discolored leaves so check your plants regularly. This condition is caused by either over watering or insects. Deformed plants and sticky deposits on leaves and stems could also be caused by insects. If insects are found, treat the problem when youve removed the plant to another area. Other animals and numerous types of insects can cause disaster for your plants. However, there are others that are essential for them to keep them healthy. Vital for pollinating flowers are bees and therefore you shouldnt kill them all.

A garden will look beautiful if it is clean, so we have to be very careful about the cleanliness. Keeping your gardens clean and free of debris and dead plants will help prevent insects and diseases in your garden. Pull up summer annuals and remove dead foliage from perennials. Rake the leaves and add them to the compost pile once youve chopped them up. When possible, continue to water and turn your compost pile. The soil in beds that dont contain plants should be turned in order for the weed seeds and soil-borne insects to be exposed to the weather and birds.

Cleaning up your garden tools is also essential. If your tools are clean and sharp, your work will be easier. To help preserve them, remove oil wooden handles and dirt and debris. If you want your tools to be ready in the spring, sharpen your blades. If you take care of your plants and pay them the attention they deserve then your garden will give you many years of happiness. As long as you make the effort and work hard, youll be rewarded by your gardens beauty.

Fireplaces Add Warmth And Charm To A Home

Lighting a fire in one sets the mood for quiet contemplation or romance. A fireplace adds warmth and charm to your home, and increases its value. Fireplaces today come in a wide variety of shapes flood damage Melbourne, styles and sizes, but deciding which one is right for you is as easy as surfing the Internet or visiting a fireplace retail outlet near where you live.

Unless you are planning on building a new house or adding a room to your existing house, you probably don’t want to go to the expense of having someone install a fireplace built into a wall. Nowadays you can purchase freestanding fireplaces made of steel, ceramic, or stone and the installation of these requires only cutting openings for the vents and stove pipe – which is much simpler, and far less expensive than tearing open an entire wall.

Fireplaces can burn wood, specially made fireplace logs, natural gas, or propane. Some of the gas and propane fireplaces even come with remote controls enabling users to switch them on and off, and raise and lower the flames without having to get up from their easy chair. Most modern fireplaces also come equipped with glass doors enabling their owners to enjoy the flames while greatly reducing the risks of fire spreading to their house.

Many newly constructed homes in the Rogue Valley have fireplaces, and sometimes buyers can select the style before the house is built. John Dorsh, a finish carpenter builds fireplace mantels in some of the newer homes in this region. “Before I build a mantel, I first have to know what kind of finish will surround the fireplace so when I build the legs of the mantel I can allow the proper relief to fit up against whatever kind of stone is used,” he said adding that even mantels come in a wide variety of styles. “Some people like plain box legs with a simple shelf on top of the fireplace,” he said. “Or you can be as intricate as you want to be.”

Dorsh uses a router to make fluted mantel legs and sometimes his customers want him to match the molding on the ceiling. “Beyond the shape and pattern, you can have a painted fireplace mantel or it can be stained to the homeowner’s specifications,” he said. “Stain grade mantels are more expensive to produce and they’re usually made of cherry, oak or alder.”

The finish carpenter explained that the area immediately above a fireplace must be non-combustible, and mantels made of wood have to be a safe distance from the heat and flames. “Some people like to have double or triple decked mantels,” he said. “The wider the top deck is, the higher above the fireplace it has to be.”

Dorsh noted that a professional carpenter can install a typical mantel in about one day, but the average do-it-yourselfer should plan on it being a weekend project. “You usually have to put in additional framing,” he said, “and a mantel must be absolutely level because people put pictures and grandfather clocks on them.” He added that you can buy prefabricated mantel kits which take a lot of the work out of installing one.

Whether you have a mantel above a traditional fireplace or a newer freestanding fireplace installed after your home was built, one thing is sure: There’s nothing like arriving home at the end of the day and setting the mood for relaxation and contemplation by lighting a fire. Sitting down to watch the flames alone or with a loved one can give you a real sense of being home.