Clothing Options for Newborns with Sensitive Skin

Many newborns have skin that is very sensitive. It seems like they are always breaking out in rashes and spots, and this can get many new parents upset about what diseases their kid may be coming down with. This is normal, however, and most newborns will have at least one breakout or rash in their first few weeks. The majority of them will have several, and while these are often not serious, they should be avoided whenever possible.

The child won’t be comfortable while suffering from rashes and breakouts, and most of these are due to something their skin came into contact with. It could be the type of detergent being used, which is why there is special detergent made for little ones under a year. It could be allergens in the air or that are trapped in their clothing that are causing the rashes. It could be any number of things, but one of the most overlooked factors is the actual clothing that newborns wear.

Newborn baby clothing is made all over the world, and a lot of it comes from countries where regulations on what can and can’t be used in the clothing and what chemicals can and can’t be applied are laxer than they would be in the United States. There have been reports of people experiencing reactions to toxic chemicals found in clothing from China, and because quality control is an issue there, it is necessary for parents who want to protect their children to be careful about the kinds of clothes they buy for their newborns.

They have to be cautions about where they buy the clothes from and what kind of materials are used to make the clothes. The best bet may be to go with organic clothing, as this is usually responsibly sourced and should not have any dangerous chemicals or materials in it. The labels are also very clear about what the clothing is made of, whereas labels from other manufacturers may not be as explicit or truthful.

Parents need to be smart consumers and look at their options. They ought to pay close attention to what they are putting on their babies, especially those that have extra sensitive skin. They can cut down on health problems for their baby by purchasing their clothing from reliable sources like newborn baby clothing.