Why Homeowners Should Check Their Air Filters

The air filter is an integral part of any HVAC system, but it is often overlooked. Many homeowners don’t check their air filter until there is a problem and may not realize how easily the air filter can get clogged up and require cleaning or replacement.

Checking air filterThe air filter is responsible for filtering out larger particles, such as dust and debris. If the HVAC unit is working constantly, then the filter is going to endure a lot of abuse. Houses with dusty rooms or with lots of pets are going to experience clogged filters very quickly, and those filters need to be checked more often.

On average, however, it’s good to check the filter about once a month. This ensures that it is kept clean and changed when needed and isn’t being overworked or allowed to become excessively dirty. A clogged or dirty filter can slow down the air flow and make the HVAC system work much harder. That leads to higher energy bills and lowered energy affinity. Essentially HVAC systems will be working harder and still producing less than optimal results, since clean air will have trouble getting through the dirty filter.

The filter may need to be cleaned on a regular basis, but it should only need to be changed out once or twice a year. It’s a good idea to keep spare filters on hand to replace the current one with when it becomes damaged or overly dirty. When cleaning filters, it’s a good idea to beat them out outdoors and even spray them off to get out all the dirt and dust. If they do become wet, however, then they need not be allowed to dry completely before putting them back into the HVAC system.

Not all filters are easily replaceable, and some can only be cleaned or changed out by licensed HVAC specialists. Homeowners can call for HVAC in Myrtle Beach and get service that ensures their filters are kept clean. It’s a good idea to have HVAC systems checked out once or twice a year for maintenance, and when the HVAC personnel come to inspect the system, they will clean or change out the filter as necessary.

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